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Video Streaming

Covid-19 has had a serious impact on just about everyone. The Senior Connection has had to make significant changes in our Business Model in order to be able to stay on top of providing our Clients the best possible opportunities to improve their 'bottom line' during these difficult times. Here's how we are meeting the needs of our Members:

Streaming Weekly Speakers Bureau Presentations

When Covid hit, our Speaker Bureau venues shut us out. But the Senior Connection didn't miss a beat. We immediately went out and video-taped our clients and made the streaming video available every Thursday on our Senior Connection Teleconnection website at no Charge, and without User IDs, Passwords or Advertising. Since we archive every Speakers Bureau Presentation, your clients can see each one at their leisure, whenever they want, 24 hours a day.

Virtual EXPO

The Biannual (Spring/Fall) Live Senior Connection Seniors & Caregivers Conference & Expo has been a community staple for years right up to the declaration of Covid-19 in March of 2020. The Senior Connection immediately started planning to do the following Expo (and every Expo since) Virtually. With the changeover comes new challenges, including helping to create 30-second Elevator and 5-minute Parking Lot Speeches for each member for viewing at the Senior Connection Virtual Expo Website, 24/7, without the need for UserIDs, or Passwords, and completely without advertisements, on our own Streaming Servers.

Virtual Mixers

As with the Senior Connection Expo, the periodic Members Mixer has also been affected by Covid, and had to make the change from Onsite to Online. The Senior Connection Virtual Mixer is usually offered approximately 4 times a year and is designed as a business to business opportunity to mix and mingle, as much as can be done Virtually, to learn more about other members in the community and industry, and where opportunities present themselves for networking and active referrals.  The Streaming Virtual Mixers are available 24/7 after release, without UserIDs or Passwords, and without advertising.

Members Memos

Each month, starting in the Fall of 2021, Debbie will be providing her insights into the Senior & Caregivers Products & Services Industry on the Senior Connection Team Yavapai MembersMemos website. This will be a MEMBERS-ONLY series that will be presented on the First Friday of each month. Each of the Presentations will be available for one month after release, so that they can be viewed by Senior Connection Members at their leisure and convenience, 24 hours a day.

The series will consist of 1/2 hour News Format show for MEMBERS-ONLY, detailing news that is important to our Members, including who is still in business, what company names and locations have changed, who has moved from one company to another, market indicators from our peeps, how to get the most out of Expo's and Speakers Bureau Presentations, Industry News, Community News, etc. As with ALL of our streaming video presentations, MEMBERS MEMOS will be available for viewing 24/7 after its release.  On the following Monday, Debbie will be sending out a Reminder with the Video Link and text of the video content.


Food For Thought Seminars

Starting up again in the Fall 2021, Don is going to reprise his Food For Thought Seminars, but this time they will be available through video streaming on the Senior Connection Team Yavapai TeleConnection website. This will be a MEMBERS-ONLY series that will be released as available. Each of the Presentations will be archived so that they can be viewed by Senior Connection Members at their leisure and convenience, 24 hours a day. The series will consist of 1/2 hour presentations dealing with the business elements of the Seniors & Caregivers Goods & Service Industry, including Branding, Identity, Mentoring Help, Developing Presentations, Marketing, etc.

Hosted Client Marketing Video

The Senior Connection website also maintains a section reserved for your Company or Agency promotional message in the form of video streaming (just like Youtube, but without the advertisements). If you have a 3-5 minute video, we will upload it to the website, giving you an outstanding opportunity to put your company 'face with the name' and start the building of a relationship with qualified clients who are looking for your products and services.  Hosting your promotional video on our website is provided FREE to your Agency as part of your Membership.


The information contained herein and throughout this Senior Connection website is for educational purposes only. It is not intended, nor should it be construed as legal, medical, emotional and/or financial advice. Inclusion of companies, individuals or agencies, or their services or products, does not constitute an endorsement by, the company, its parent corporation, its employees or interns.

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