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Knowledge Base Articles & Presentations

An important part of the Senior Connection website is the Knowledge-Base Articles section, which contains articles on a wide variety of topics relating to aging.

Seniors and Family Caregivers are attracted to our Knowledge-Base library of pertinent articles and education information. Found on the advertising-free Senior Connection website, these hard hitting Articles are aimed at addressing those unique problems and concerns that specifically affect Seniors and Family Caregivers. Your Company's Educational and Promotional videos and slideshows can also be hosted on the Senior Connection website, free from advertising, allowing potential clients to learn more about your company before they contact you. 

The articles are short and sweet, yet go directly to the heart of the matter of some of the most sensitive issues surrounding our fears and frustrations as Seniors or Caregivers. Some are written from the perspective of caregivers, others from the perspective of the seniors themselves. No topic is off-limits and new articles are constantly being added.

FREE to our Member Agencies is the opportunity for you, as a local expert, to share some of your knowledge with the local community by authoring one or more of these Knowledge-base articles, connecting readers with your Agency while fostering good will in the community. Each Article will be about 500 words and contain the author's bio and company contact info.

The Senior Connection Speakers Bureau was created to allow local Gurus (like You!) to address Seniors and Family Caregivers in your community on topics of interest and concern to them, on which you are an expert. The Senior Connection organizes, advertises, and implements these Speakers Bureau presentations. Presenters are selected from the Team Member Companies that show an interest in addressing small groups of qualified attendees - a GREAT way to connect with qualified purchasers of your goods or services in a non-threatening environment.

You will gain exposure to a group of qualified Seniors and/or Caregivers who want to become better informed consumers of Senior products and services. We arrange the meeting location and attendees, you supply the 30 minute presentation. It's that simple. These presentations are NOT intended to be Sales Pitches, but are opportunities for you to educate potential clients about your industry and the role your company plays, impress potential clients of your breadth of knowledge of your industry and make your attendees more informed consumers of your goods or services (and to let people see that you are a nice person!). 



The information contained herein and throughout this Senior Connection website is for educational purposes only. It is not intended, nor should it be construed as legal, medical, emotional and/or financial advice. Inclusion of companies, individuals or agencies, or their services or products, does not constitute an endorsement by, the company, its parent corporation, its employees or interns.

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