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Senior Resources Conference & Expo

One of the major benefits for our Team Members is participation in a FREE Senior Resources Conference & Expos that the Senior Connection puts on twice per year in your area in Spring and Fall. The Expos provide an opportunity for our Member agencies to connect with a large portion of the community's Senior Caregiver population in one convenient location, encouraged to attend through an extensive publicity campaign.

Please consider becoming a Annual Member of the Senior Connection Team, so that you donít miss out on your FREE booth at the next TWO Senior Resources Conference & Expos held during the year.

Modeled after the highly successful events that we produced in the past, the Conference & Expos will attract Family Caregivers and Seniors throughout your region Ė these are YOUR potential clients!

As a Member, you will also get an expanded listing in our Senior Resources On-Line Directory, an invitation to submit educational articles to be posted on your local Senior Connection website, and the ability to upload your companyís marketing video, where it will be seen by your potential clients.

A Senior Connection Team Annual Membership is available for a very reasonable $375. Become a Member NOW, by selecting the Agency Sign-Up link above. When you join, we will reserve a booth for you at the next TWO Conference & Expos.

Seniors and Family Caregivers will attend this free all-day event to learn about your companyís senior products and services, and to attend free, educational seminars throughout the day on topics of vital concern to Seniors and Family Caregivers. Donít miss this great opportunity to connect with hundreds of potential new clients.

To accomplish our goal of connecting Seniors and Family Caregivers with the products, services and support they need locally, we make several resources available to the public for free on our Senior Connection website, including a Senior Resources On-line Directory (in which you already have a free listing), Informational Articles written by local experts (such as yourself), and our Senior Resources Conference & Expo.

We are able to offer these FREE resources to the community through the revenue produced from booth space rentals at the Senior Resource Conference & Expo each year in your community.




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